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Имя пользователя, логин:



Название организации:

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, Украина




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Область деятельности:

C/C++, Java, Assembler;

Базы данных:
MySQL, MSSQL, Interbase;



Date of birth: January 09, 1978. Married, one child.


Software engineer, systems programmer, developer of client/server based application software.


More tyen five years of experience in computer technologies: experience in system analysis and software development for I&C systems for Windows, FreeBSD, Linux. Strong programming skills in C, C++ and Java. Experience with COM/DCOM. Programming skills in Pascal, Assembler (Intel 8086). Advanced knowledge of Object-oriented programming and object-oriented analysis/design, design patterns. Accuracy, responsibility, high working abilities.


1995 –2001. National Aerospace University named after N.E.Zhukovskiy “KhAI”, Kharkov, Ukraine.
Engineer (corresponds to US degree) in Computer Science – computer data processing systems, I&C systems. Relevant courses included applied and computing mathematics, mathematical and computer modeling, systems programming, databases, computer and engineering graphics.

Brainbench certified in C++ (master level), C++ Fundamentals (master level).


Technical English.


Generic Software Development Expertise

- Object-Oriented Software Programming and Design
- Network programming, Systems programming, Distributed programming
- Database client-side and UI programming
- Industrial automation, Smartcards applications, VoIP applications
- Multimedia applications (audio ripping, playback, encoding/decoding)

Hardware and Operating Systems

IBM PC and compatibles
Windows NT/2000/XP/CE/9x, FreeBSD, Linux
Fiscal/Cash registers programming, bar-code readers programming
Smartcard readers programming
IFSF programming (fuelling dispensers, fuel gauges)

Languages, Tools and Technologies

C, C++, Java
UML (Rational Rose, Borland Together)
STL, ACE, IBPP, OpenLDV, Turbo Vision, MFC
Sockets programming, Serial port programming
Win32, POSIX multithreading (ACE wrappers and native APIs)
Visual Studio Tools, Borland C++, GCC
IBM Visual Age for Java, Borland JBuilder, JDK
GDB, MS DEV debuggers, DevPartner Tools, Rational Tools
CVS, Visual SourceSafe, Rational ClearCase
Interbase, Firebird

JavaScript, VBScript, HTML
COM/DCOM programming
XML, DOM, SAX (Xerces, MS XML)
ADO, ODBC, JDBC, AWT, JFC, OpenCard Framework


• SmartOil 2, SmartOil 2.1
This is a cross-platform SCADA-like system that assigned for filling stations network automation. This system consists of operator’s workstation module, database, 1C back-end office and manager’s module and intended for automation of all work processes on filling stations including fuel selling, concomitant goods selling, technological operations, client’s smartcards servicing and data transmission between filling station and remote office. My part in project:
• General-purpose classes and utilities. Testing utilities for system’s communication protocol. Turbo Vision UI components implementation: DBGrid, ComboBox, SlectionButton.
• Protocol implementation for “Datex ND777” and “Maria” fiscal registers.
• Protocol implementation and integration for “Struna” gauge.
• Business logic for technological operations (fuel and goods reception, documents, waybills, shift operations).
• Implementation of IFSF communication level protocol for industrial network LonTalk for Echelon’s network interfaces. Implementation of IFSF application level protocol for IFSF-supporting fuelling dispensers.
• Smartcards subsystem for electronic payments on filling station. Implementation of user-level driver for smartcard reader “ECO-5000” for FreeBSD, Linux, Windows. COM-components for 1C back-end office for working with cards.

Platform: Intel x86 PC/FreeBSD/Linux/Windows
Hardware: Echelon and EasyLON network adapters for Lonworks;
Fiscal registers: “Prim-07f”, “Prim-07k”, “Prim-08”, “Datex ND777”, “Maria”;
Smartcard readers: Orga “ECO5000”, “ECO5000-KB1”;
Gauges: “Veeder-Root”, “Struna”;
IFSF-supporting fuelling dispensers
RDBMS: Firebird 1.0.2 – 1.5
Network: TCP/IP networks, LonTalk network
Languages: C++, SQL, PostScript (for reports), 1C (for back-end office)
Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1, GCC 2.95.x - 3.3.3, other GNU tools
Libraries: ACE, STL, OpenSSL, OpenLDV, IBPP, Turbo Vision, other 3rd party libs
GUI: Turbo Vision text interface (rhtvision 2.0.x)

• Subsystem for a voice conversations for an ICQ/MSN-like program
This is a “Voice over IP” COM-component (plug-in that integrated in a program with more functionality), that is based on and functionally similar to Voice Chat (see below in projects list) except the server side module is a standalone program and a client side is a COM-component integrated with more functional client program. Server is application assigned for setting-up calls and working with users’ database.

Platform: Intel x86 PC/ Windows 9x/NT, Linux
Network: TCP/IP networks
Languages/Tools: C++, Ms Visual C++ 6.0, sockets, other 3rd party libs (voice compression, cryptography)
GUI: Windows 95/NT native

• Remote diagnostics center (Degree work)
The Remote diagnostics center (RDC) for ATS “Donyets” is a SCADA-like system that assigned for remote diagnostics, control and store statistics of ATS working in a local database. The RDC software consists of workstation modules and embedded programs that work on ATS. Connection is providing through modem. My part in project: COM-components for modem connection and user interface for operator workstations.

Platform: Intel x86 PC/ Windows 9x/NT
RDBMS: Ms SQL Server
Middleware: COM/DCOM, ODBC
Network: TCP/IP corporate network, active telephone analog and digital lines
Languages/Tools: C++, SQL, Assembler (Intel8080), Ms Visual C++ 6.0
GUI: Windows 95/NT native

• Voice chat
The Voice chat is a communication client-server application, assigned for full-duplex transmitting/receiving voice data through any IP networks. A text transmitting, multicasting, cryptography were included as an optional feature. Also were included compression algorithms ADPCM and LPC. An exchange protocols were implemented corresponding to RTP (RFC 1889, RFC 1890) that makes this software compatible with other applications using the same protocols. Voice chat was developed using Windows Sockets (UDP-datagrams) and Ms Visual C++ 6.0.


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